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Hi my name is Yuliya and I'm an illustrator and photographer based in Chicago. Book your hour appointment with me and we'll get the perfect shot!

  • To book a session send me an email at with your preferred date and time and backup date and time. 

    • My hours are 12pm-8pm Monday-Sunday. (Latest bookings available are 7-8pm)

    • I do one hour outdoor sessions for $250, you can change as many times as you want as long as time permits. 

    • You will receive 4-8 re-touched photos about 4-7 days after the shoot!

  • There is a 100$ deposit due to book the session. After you email me you will receive a PayPal invoice and a brief questionnaire, so I can get a better feel for what you're looking for.

  • Since I shoot primarily outdoors and this is Chicago, please note that dates can change. I don't charge a change the date fee - however if you haven't requested a date and/or time change ~24 hours in advance and you don't show up, you will forfeit your deposit.

  • If we have to re-schedule due to weather - no worries! Your deposit stays yours and goes towards the overall fee.

  • My primary locations for shooting are Logan Circle, Montrose Beach or Grant Park area. Please let me know which location you'd like in your initial email. If you have some place special in mind just let me know and I can look into whether its possible to shoot there!

  • I will re-touch your photo either stylistically or just to polish it depending on your needs. If you have a blemish or a stray hair, I can edit that out. I don't however, edit faces and change noses etc... Your headshot should be you right now - thats what people want to see and I firmly believe in being yourself!

  • If you'd like multiple looks please bring all clothing/makeup with you, you will have to change in a public restroom near the shooting location. I'm very laid back and we can shoot whatever kind of photo you'd like!

Please look for an email from me once you've booked your session for further details and a brief questionnaire so I can get a better feel for what you're looking for. Looking forward to meeting you!

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